A shoes salesman in Sydney

July 22, 2014

Need new mens dress shoes? Sick of paying a premium in some bricks and mortar store for badly made shoes that will last a week and then fall apart? When you’re looking for mens dress shoes in Sydney, there’s only one place worth the trouble.

Looks and costs don’t have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to buying mens shoes online you don’t have to have one of the other. When it comes to mens shoes Australia, you have one clear choice. That choice is Matador Shoes. Run by generational shoemen, and teaming up with generational shoemakers in Spain, mens leather shoes are in the blood of Matador Shoes. Frankly, there shouldn’t even be another thought in your head when it comes to looking your best at a great price.

Working hand in hand with the world renowned Jimenez Shoes, Matador provides quality service and quality shoes at a price that makes them superior to everyone else. Why buy crap shoes that will need replacing, made from shoddy materials by shoddy workers. You can get real honest to god Spanish and Italian made shoes, right here in Australia and not break the bank. Mens designer shoes have never looked so good.

An added bonus of the close relationship that Matador has with Jimenez is the ability to commission bespoke men’s business or dress shoes. That’s right. You can order your own personalized pair of mens designer shoes for an affordable price, right here in Australia.

So for the price you’d pay for two pairs of badly made shoes in Myers or DJ’s you’re getting personalized shoes, made by generational shoe craftsmen in Spain made from the best leather on the planet.

Even if you’re not after a pair of your own design, there are plenty of other types and styles to choose from Matador receive new models and colours from Europe every few months, and as such can stay on the cutting edge of European fashion even here. Looking for mens dress shoes in Sydney or mens dress shoes in Australia? Do yourself a favour and take advantage of the expertise of Matador Shoes.

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Australian Shoes made by Spain

July 19, 2014

If you’re on the lookout for mens dress shoes in Sydney, then Leather shoes should be your first and only stop. Stocking a wide selection of mens dress shoes, Leather Shoes are affordable, high quality pieces of footwear that will allow you to look your best, no mater what the occasion.

Men’s dress shoes come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and colors, and are differentiated depending on how the shoe is fastened. Laces and lace placement, straps or no laces at all can dictate when the time is right to wear particular shoe. Buying men’s shoes online from Sydney gives you the ability to select from a wide range of shoes, so you’re ready for any event, at any time of day.

One of Sydney’s most popular shoe styles is the Oxford, or Balmoral. The Oxford differs from other men’s leather shoes because its shoelace eyelets are attached under what’s called the vamp. This is called closed lacing. Oxfords can be made from a variety of materials including many kinds of leather, suede and even canvas. Men’s business shoes are often black or brown and can sometimes be patterned. Oxford’s are considered a somewhat dressy shoe, with a narrower design making a more formal look.

The patterning on the Oxford is known as Broguing, and is essentially the use of perforation and serration in a decorative manner.

The Oxford is a multipurpose shoe, able to work well in any kind of environment. If you’re shopping for mens shoes in Australia, and you’re after a solid Oxford, you can choose from styles such as the streamlined Ramon, the timeless Rafael (in brown or black) or the classic Santos.

Men’s leather shoes in Sydney aren’t hard to find, but quality is. Australian Shoes are made by Spanish shoemakers, amongst the best in the world and bought direct by Sydney to ensure a lower price than anywhere else for such unrivalled quality. If you’re thinking of getting mens shoes online in Australia, then only one place can be your destination.

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Buying Mens Shoes is not hard!

July 17, 2014

Buying mens shoes online shouldn’t be hard. There’s only one place to go if you’re looking for men’s dress shoes in Sydney. And that place is Victoria. It’s in their blood, and the promise they make to you is that if you’re after high quality mens leather shoes and mens dress shoes, they are the people for you.

With a wealth of experience and a range of styles that will suit any man and any occasion, Australia provides a price and a service that blows the competition out of the water. Mens designer shoes are a serious business, and you only want the best. So when you look for mens shoes in Australia.

With the best of Spanish artisan shoe making on display, and using their own shoes designs, Melbourne is proud to provide only top notch mens business shoes. And provide they do! They have a range of shoes to suit any occasion that a man might find himself in. Weddings, business meetings, formal events or even just some shoes to wear out and about on the town, Melbourne has you covered.

Fancy shops that use Jimenez shoes use the highest grade materials. Using calf skin leather, Jimenez uses nothing but leather from the upper all the way down the soles. There are quite simply no synthetic materials in these shoes. It’s this commitment to quality, to excellence and craftsmanship that sets Mens dress shoes apart from its less refined and elegant competition. Simply put, Australians walk the walk and talk the talk.

And who wouldn’t want to walk the walk in shoes that look this good. Mouths will be dropping open as you grace by with the latest in European fashion strapped to your feet. Grace and style will be yours whenever you step out of the house when you make the decision to purchase shoes from Australian shops.

From an Oxford (otherwise known as the Balmoral) to a Derby (Bluchers) via Loafers, Cap Toes, Monk Straps, Wingtips and even the Dress Boot, Sydney has all Australian mens leather shoe needs covered, from the heel to the toe.

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